new update!
Apr 2, 2017
1 minute read

This weekend we’re updated with some improvements, like more server’s capacity and a new (and cool) song when the game starts. Also we added some skins and costumes, like bronze and silver skin:

Bronze Skin
Plate Skin

And our wizard and tattoo costumes:

Wizard Costume
Tattoo1 Costume
Tattoo2 Costume

With this update we have 42 skins and 12 costumes! You know, this skins are awesome, but we have more news!, we also added some “secret” and blocked costumes for special cases. Right now we have two secret skins, one in honor of SirGodenot and a second one for reddit users.

You can see how to unlock this skins in our youtube’s channel.



If you’re a content creator on youtube, and you want a custom skin for you, just mail us!

We have bad news too, facebook has blocked any link from, and because that we are forced to remove the “like” and “share” buttons from our game. But we’re working to solve this as soon as possible.

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